Alpha Trainer: Our Process for Selecting Tapjoy

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8th January 2014

Happy New Year! As many of you are going strong with your New Year’s resolution and making fitness a big part of your 2014 goals, we thought it was a great time to update you on the latest with Alpha Trainer, and in particular a bit about our recently announced relationship with Tapjoy!

When we built Alpha Trainer for iOS & Android, we set out to build the most customized Personal Training app with the deepest, most customized fitness content. We designed a “freemium subscription” business model that provides a few weeks of a user’s program for free, while requiring a subscription to access the rest of the content. Now, considering the rich nature of our content, we believed that people would find value in it and that in-app purchases would be popular; fortunately, we were correct, as Alpha Trainer consistently ranks as a top-grossing app in the iOS health & fitness category.

However, we also began to receive a lot of feedback from users who wanted alternate methods to pay, rather than having to upgrade through in-app purchases. Based on this feedback, in addition to seeing that many of our users were less than 30 years old, we knew we could maximize both revenues and access for customers by adding an in-app offerwall, in addition to in-app purchases. And thus, we began to search for the perfect Offerwall Partner(s) for our mobile app.

The most important things we looked for are as follows:

1. Large inventory of Relevant Ads & Offers. We want our customers to be able to easily build up the Gold necessary to upgrade their subscriptions, so the partner(s) had to have a large inventory of offers. We looked around the market and found that some companies had disappointingly low levels of inventory, which would result in our users not being able to earn enough Gold for upgrades, which is not acceptable. Tapjoy, on the other hand, seems to have one of the largest inventory of ads & offers in the industry.
2. Great User Experience. It was important that we had a partner that monitored their ads carefully to prevent and remove bad ads to keep the user experience positive for our customers. Also, to ensure a smooth, seamless user flows, the offers had to be mobile app-centric in nature (instead of a web-based offerwall slapped into a mobile app), and Tapjoy fit the bill well in this aspect.
3. Solid Reputation and Dependability. Referrals from other mobile app developers are the best validation an offer provider can get, and anecdotally I heard a lot of compliments about Tapjoy from friends whose companies had already been using the service. In addition, our CTO really appreciated the clear documentation and sample codes that Tapjoy provided, as it made integration that much easier.

At the end of the day, we decided to partner with Tapjoy because we feel that they present us with a tremendous solution that fits our needs very well. Although it’s still early, we’re excited about mobile offerwalls and the opportunity to partner with one of the best providers in the industry.

About Alpha Trainer and Nido Labs
Nido Labs, maker of the Alpha Trainer mobile app for iOS and Android, is a technology startup company that creates integrated health, fitness, and wellness solutions to enable everyone to live healthy and fulfilled lives. Alpha Trainer, which is featured by iTunes, is a popular personal training and fitness app that provides users with customized, 14-week training programs based on their own, unique fitness goals. It has the largest library of over 100,000 customized personal training programs to fit anyone’s preference, developed by Paul Kim, a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness competitor, and serial entrepreneur. Alpha Trainer also features social motivation through close friends who keep a user motivated to work out by sending messages, encouragement, and gifts directly from the app. For more information, please visit, like us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter at @AlphaTrainerApp.

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