Tapjoy Research: Who Is Playing Mobile Games?

Posted by , 19th January 2017

There are nearly 2 billion mobile gamers throughout the world, according to market research firm Newzoo, with more than half of the US population and nearly 70% of the country’s smartphone owners playing some type of game on their mobile devices.

Tapjoy recently conducted in-depth research to help […]

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Make Your Holiday Season Merrier With 20% Bonus Revenue

Posted by , 8th November 2016

As you know, the holiday season is the biggest ad spending time of the year. Our data scientists have been hard at work to develop a formula that enables you to maximize revenue from that influx of spend. We have seen up to a 200% lift in revenue for our […]

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Advertising in Games is a Powerplay

Posted by , 27th April 2016

Tapjoy was recently featured in Raconteur’s special report on the app economy:

Advertising in Games is a Powerplay

An “unethical, immoral, mendacious coven of techie wannabes” is a pretty catchy insult. It’s what the chief executive of the Interactive Advertising Bureau recently called the creators of ad-blocking software.

In his keynote address at […]

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Holiday Shopping Behaviors of Smartphone & Tablet Owners

Posted by , 14th December 2015

If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, you’re hardly alone. According to our latest Tapjoy Insights survey, about one in four smartphone and tablet owners wait until December to start their holiday shopping. About a third of them start in November, and 16 percent start as early as September […]

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Five Early Signals to Predict the Future LTV of Your Users

Posted by , 31st March 2015

There are critical signals that app developers need to pay attention to drive the revenue in their app. For example, how many of your users complete three or more in-app purchases in the first three months can be a clear indicator of whether your app will generate $1MM in revenue. This report offers five key prediction metrics to maximize the LTV in your app.

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