Developer Profile: DoubleTap Software

Posted by , 23rd November 2016

Developer Profile: DoubleTap Software

When you’re a one-man shop already handling all the heavy lifting of developing a game — code, art, game design and marketing, at a minimum — thinking about adding an SDK to your game can feel like you’re the proverbial camel, watching the last straw approach.

So you […]

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How to Best Leverage the Holiday Install Rush

Posted by , 21st November 2016

Each year, the holiday season brings with it an onslaught of consumption — from eating and drinking to media viewing and gift shopping. Why should mobile app installs be any exception? Like many other consumer behaviors, app installs surge during the holiday season.  

There are specific times during the holiday […]

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Mobile Gaming – A Huge Holiday Opportunity

Posted by , 18th November 2016

So, you’ve heard the buzz? You know mobile is a force to be reckoned with, but do you know why advertising in mobile games is such a huge opportunity during the holidays?

Games are the #1 category of apps and the majority of Americans – 70% of the […]

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Want To Earn Up To 2x This Weekend? Set Up A Currency Sale

Posted by , 26th October 2016

Q4 is the biggest ad spending quarter of the year. To capitalize on that influx of holiday spend from advertisers, we recommend participating in the Tapjoy Q4 Currency Sales. We’ve historically seen publishers earn up to a 200% lift in revenue by participating in a Currency Sale.

How It Works: All offers will reward […]

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20% bonus revenue opportunity with Tapjoy!

Posted by , 17th October 2016

As you know, Q4 is the biggest ad spending quarter of the year, so we put together a promotion to help you capitalize on this influx of holiday spend. 

If you are a new publisher,  you will receive 20% bonus revenue until 12/31/2016. To get started and learn more, simply email us […]

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7 Surprising Facts About the Open Rates of Push Notifications

Posted by , 29th September 2016

Push notifications are like stepping into the same space as your user, wherever they may be: at any moment you can reach out and tap them on the shoulder. But just as in real life, a notification risks interrupting or annoying users if not done right. Every misstep reduces […]

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