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Important News About iOS 10 & Tapjoy

Posted by , 29th August 2016

Apple is updating their “Limit Ad Tracking”  feature and deprecating “Persistent Data” with the upcoming iOS 10, which will include a number of changes that significantly impact the Tapjoy integration. This update will affect your app analytics, revenue and Tapjoy managed currency so it is imperative that you update to the latest Tapjoy SDK in […]

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Introducing Ad Behavioral Targeting and Content A/B Testing

Posted by , 25th July 2016

App developers are constantly looking for new ways to leverage the data from their apps to deliver better, more targeted engagement and monetization campaigns. After all, the more targeted they can be, not only will they likely earn more money, but they can then deliver a more personalized and […]

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5 Effective Mobile App Retention Hacks

Posted by , 22nd June 2016

Among all the typical key performance indicators for apps and games, retention may be the most important. Increased retention has follow-on effects on conversion, monetization and organic growth, as players stick around for longer and make your app a part of their regular routine.

For example, a game with a first […]

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Double Your Conversions With Contextual In-App Placements

Posted by , 13th June 2016

Tapjoy’s Contextual Placements can drive eye-opening improvements in your game’s engagement, conversions and long-term retention by showing the right content, to the right user, at the right time. In fact, a recent case study we did with a popular arcade game showed that with just one contextual placement, we were […]

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Tapjoy Drives 25% Lift In Engagement, 29% Reduction in Churn

Posted by , 10th June 2016

The Tapjoy platform—the only complete monetization platform—is known for increasing the revenue of freemium-based mobile apps. But what isn’t as well known is that Tapjoy can also help increase engagement, lengthen retention and reduce churn.

We recently conducted a study to find out just how much impact our platform has on […]

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Posted by , 31st May 2016

Exciting news: we’ve partnered with app discovery platform ironSource! This partnership will combine Tapjoy’s user level segmentation and predictive analytics capabilities with ironSource’s video mediation solution. Imagine the possibilities! 

“San Francisco-based Tapjoy said it is partnering to offer a full slate of services to developers. The company will contribute user-level segmentation and predictive […]

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