Changes to Apple Submission Process

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18th April 2014

Last week, Apple updated the submission process for app developers who distribute and update their applications on the iTunes App Store.  The submission process defines the intended use of IDFA and includes new check boxes for developers to indicate how their app uses it.

As a bit of background, IDFA allows publishers to know that a specific device is looking at an advertisement, and empowers publishers to deliver more targeted ads to that user. The tracking is anonymous, and does not provide the advertiser any personal identifying information.

As you can see in the screen below the submission process includes check boxes to indicate whether their app will use IDFA in order to:

–       Serve Advertisements within the app

–       Attribute this app installation to a previously served advertisement

–       Attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement.

iOS Submission Image

They also confirm that if you use third-party SDKs in your code, you are responsible for the behavior of that code.

We wanted to take this opportunity to confirm how Tapjoy uses IDFA.  The good news is that our SDK collects IDFA and strictly uses it for tracking conversions of the advertisements we serve, and our use of IDFA is in line with all three options in the submission process.  In addition, Tapjoy’s SDK adheres to a user’s Limited Ad Tracking setting.

If you are a developer who is using Tapjoy SDK to monetize your app, check option #1 and the option for limited ad tracking.

If you are an app developer or advertiser who is using Tapjoy to acquire new users and drive app engagement, you should check option #2 and #3 and the option for limited ad tracking.

As a reminder, it is key to know the details of the SDKs that you are integrating with your app.  At Tapjoy, we are transparent about the information our SDK collects and you can find more information about our SDK at our Knowledge Center or a list of exactly what our SDK collects here.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact your account manager, or email us at

3 Comments on: “Changes to Apple Submission Process.”
  • cujo30227 says:

    Process described above worked fine until few days ago. Currently there is no way to submit an update with the Tapjoy SDK included. They all give the error message “Improper Advertising Identifier [IDFA] Usage. Your app contains the Advertising Identifier [IDFA] API but your app is not respecting the Limit Ad Tracking setting in iOS.” Tried it multiple times, no way to get past the check now with the Tapjoy SDK!

    • Patrick Seybold says:

      We noticed as well. You can see see the reason and solution for this on our latest blog post here:

  • John says:

    So nice