Consumers Are Racing to Download iOS 7

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19th September 2013

Apple’s iOS 7 became available yesterday, and the media seems pretty enamored with it. CNN called it “a whole new iPhone experience” and the LA Times said that it “could be a bigger change than iPhone 5s and 5c.” TechCrunch had a somewhat more tempered but still upbeat view, describing it as “A Major Makeover That Delivers, But Takes Some Getting Used To.” But the question is, are consumers as excited about the operating system as the media?

The early data seems to indicate that they are.


Based on Tapjoy’s network-wide data, which has a reach of over 200 million unique iOS consumers per month, iOS 7 is being adopted at a rate much faster than iOS 6 was. For instance, it took 20 hours for iOS 6 to reach 10% adoption, while iOS 7 reached it in less than half the time—in a mere 8 hours. Twenty-four hours after its initial availability, iOS 7 stands at 22% adoption, while iOS 6 was only at 15% after the same time period. Interestingly, it appears iOS 7 growth is happening purely at the expense of iOS 6; in other words, if you didn’t bother to upgrade to iOS 6 in the first place, then you’re not likely to download iOS 7 on the first day. See the chart above to compare the progression of each OS.


A deeper dive into the data tells us which device types are being updated the fastest. Historical data shows that iPhone owners have upgraded to the latest operating system versions faster than their iPod and iPad owning counterparts. At the start of the day yesterday, 87.7% of iPhone owners on our network were using iOS 6, while only 82.2% and 82.7% of iPod and iPad owners, respectively, had made the update to iOS 6 from an earlier version. Today, approximately 24 hours after iOS 7 became available, 25% of iPhone owners are using it, compared to 12% of iPod and 15% of iPad owners.

ios7-by-region copy

A look into the regional breakdown tells an interesting story as well. North America seems to be the fastest region to embrace the new OS, with 28% of Tapjoy users here already having updated. Latin America is close behind, at 26%, with Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at 22%. However, the EMEA numbers appear to be brought down by Africa, as Europe and the Middle East would be closer to, or perhaps ahead of, North America’s numbers if broken out separately. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is the slowest to adopt iOS 7 (currently at 14%), which comes as no surprise since they were also the slowest to adopt iOS 6.

adoption-by-country (1)

We also took a look at which specific countries are embracing iOS 7 the fastest. Throwing out the smallish outliers—like the Åland Islands, where iOS 7 has already been adopted by 95% of Tapjoy users on this tiny archipelago in the Baltic Sea—among major countries on our network we see that users in South Korea are the fastest to update so far, with Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico and then the United States in hot pursuit.

It may be too early to tell whether fans will fully embrace the changes made in iOS 7, but if our network data and the surge to download the new OS is any indication, consumers are clearly interested in giving it a spin at the very least.

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