Five Early Signals to Predict the Future LTV of Your Users

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31st March 2015

Today we released our first “Mobile Signals Report,” sharing insights into mobile app monetization and engagement based on the first set of public data from our new analytics platform.  VentureBeat covered the report this morning as well saying:  “The data should be particularly interesting to mobile-game developers who are deciding how much to invest in promoting an app. It has insights that can be used to predict lifetime value and retention.”

The report will help developers know how to tell if their apps are on track to reach $1 million in revenue, for instance, or what’s a good benchmark for session length, or what day of the week most people are making in-app purchases, etc.

You can download the full report here.

Some of the insights are provided below:

  • Apps that have 1,000 users make at least 3 IAPs in the first 83 days have a high likelihood (84%) of reaching $1MM in total revenue.
  • If 35% of an app’s first-time IAP purchasers go on to make a 3rd purchase, the app is very likely to reach $1MM in total revenue. If the conversion rate from first-to-third purchase is less than 35%, the app will likely fall short of that milestone.
  • The top 10% of games (by revenue) had an average gameplay session of over 25 minutes, which is 40 times higher than average gameplay sessions among the bottom 10% of games


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