How Rewarded Advertising Accesses Consumers’ “Digital Dopamine”

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8th December 2014

Consumers are overwhelmed with advertisements – they see over 5,000 brand messages a day.* For marketers, the question becomes, “How do we break through the clutter and make ourselves heard?” The answer is rewarded advertising.

Global digital leader Razorfish recently published an in-depth report called “Digital Dopamine,” in which they found that “consumers are actively avoiding advertising” and “advertising is most effective when it is part of a value exchange”. **


The report goes on to state that as consumers are becoming more connected than ever, they are becoming acutely aware of the value of their attention. Now, they expect a reward in exchange for interacting with marketers on their mobile devices. Furthermore, consumers expect these rewards to provide real value and fulfill a need. Here’s a very interesting statistic from the report: “Over 80% of consumers in the U.S. say that it’s important that brands make their lives easier.”  Considering this, Razorfish recommends that brands focus more on providing utility than on being interesting.

Being able to deliver these useful, rewarding experiences is dependent on precise targeting. In order to ensure you are reaching the right customer and providing an ad experience that is providing value, you must first identify these specific audiences and their unique needs.  For example, Millennials interact with mobile in different ways than Gen Xers and teens (see Chapter 1 of the report for an in-depth look into this). Creating separate strategies for appealing to these audiences in unique ways could increase the perceived value of the utility brands are providing, and subsequently increase brand affinity, loyalty, and consumers’ lifetime value.

Tapjoy is the ultimate platform for accessing the “digital dopamine” that creates value for both advertisers and consumers. We are experts in crafting a mutual exchange between marketers and consumers through our products and our targeting technology.

With our precise targeting techniques, especially Tapjoy Exclusive Audience Segments,  we can provide a proprietary, customized method for reaching the right consumers in the right moment. We give consumers advertisements that they want to see, and them reward them for their attention.

While being cognizant of who the target audience is, Tapjoy also utilizes efficient spending tactics to ensure that their attention is directed to the brand.  The mutual value exchange is complete when advertisers reach their objectives and consumers receive relevant rewards.  This strengthens the connection between marketers and consumers, and provides a more valuable experience for both parties.

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*Source: Quote from Jay Walker-Smith of Yankelovich Consumer Research. Article: “How To Cut Through Marketing Clutter” on (Full article here.)

** Source: “Digital Dopamine” by Razorfish in their 2015 Global Digital Marketing Report. (Full report here.)

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