Music Goes Mobile: How Mobile Devices Influence the Discovery, Sharing and Listening of Music

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30th January 2014

The music industry is hot right now.  Look no further than the estimated 28.5 million people who watched the 2014 Grammy Awards last week – the show’s second-largest audience since 1993. Of course, back then we listened to CDs or our Walkman and discovered new music by browsing the aisles at our local Sam Goody.

My how times have changed. Today, mobile devices play an enormous role not only in how we listen to music, but how we discover our new favorite artists and share the experience with our friends as well.

Tapjoy ran a survey on our network of more than 450 million global consumers to further analyze the relationship between mobile and music, and we gained some insights into how marketers can take advantage of these most personal devices to best reach their audience.

Some key takeaways include:

  • 90% have multiple music apps on their mobile device
  • 1 in 3 prefer their mobile device over desktop and radio when listening to and discovering new music
  • Nearly half of users would request more information about a musician or music act after viewing an ad for it on their device
  • One third of respondents said they share music-related photos and info on their social media channels through their mobile devices

With mobile becoming more and more of a staple in consumers’ media diet, it is clear that marketers need to tune in and embrace where people are spending their time.  Tapjoy’s diverse product offerings allows advertisers to keep in touch with what users are doing and connect with them through engaging and interactive campaigns.

For more info on what and how music lovers are doing on mobile, check out the info-graphic below:

Music Goes Mobile

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