Google Advertising ID Warning Removal & Tapjoy SDK 10.2

Posted by , Sr. Director, Ad Products
25th November 2014

Many of our partners have expressed concern at seeing the following warning related to Tapjoy SDK 10.1 in the Android Developer Console:


We have confirmed that this warning was triggered specifically by our use of reflection to detect Google Play Services.

Our contacts at Google have assured us that no developers who are seeing the above warning in their Developer Console are in jeopardy of having their apps rejected at this time, and it is possible that your apps will not require any updates at all. “Doing nothing” is actually an appropriate response, as far as we know.

However – If you have received this warning, and you want to see that warning removed – we have recently released a new version of our SDK which does not use reflection. Integrating this SDK will remove the warning.

Additionally, the Google compliance team has already tested SDK 10.2 and confirms that the non-reflection implementation passes their automated check and does not raise any flags or exceptions.

Version 10.2 is now live on our website. The download link and upgrade instructions can be found here:

One thing to note: With SDK 10.2, all Tapjoy calls must now be made after the Tapjoy connect call and connectSuccess() callback returns.

If you are upgrading from an older version of the SDK, and have any Tapjoy calls before the connectSuccess() callback, you will need to move them in order to successfully integrate SDK 10.2.

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