Setting the Record Straight

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12th November 2012

I wanted to take a moment to address a recent article that is making the rounds this morning. It is not only a clear misrepresentation of what we do at Tapjoy, but also, unfortunately, an attack on the integrity of our developer partners and the quality of their work.

There are a few claims in this article that require addressing head-on.

First, Tapjoy counts among our partners thousands of developers and advertisers, and we take issue with the author’s assertion that they are publishing “junk.” The Mobile Value Exchange model that is at the heart of our platform serves a viable and valuable purpose for those developers, as well as consumers and advertisers.

Second, we work diligently to ensure compliance with Apple’s TOS, and each week, Apple approves hundreds of apps that integrate and leverage Tapjoy. In fact, Apple has featured a number of Tapjoy enabled apps in the last few months. We fundamentally agree with Apple’s point of view ensuring a great user experience, and we feel that the Mobile Value Exchange and are important components of this shared vision.

Third, we continue to work with our partners to provide an engaging user experience through iOS, Android and on mobile web via HTML5 sites. Just like thousands of other talented developers, Glu continues to be a strong partner of Tapjoy as we continue to deliver best in class services to our mutual consumers. In addition, platforms such as SK Planet and Gfan agree that we are accretive to their massive app stores, and provide a huge value to their audiences.

Lastly, this article slights the intelligence of consumers, and inaccurately characterizes a double-opt in ad-driven model that works. The simple fact is that 110 million monthly active users and 13 million registered users on agree with the Mobile Value Exchange model. They do so, because they love what we collectively provide. There’s obviously a lot of work to be done to solve the global issue of app discovery, so Tapjoy will continue to invest in this area and work tirelessly to move the mobile ecosystem forward. The bottom line is that Tapjoy offers consumers an ad-driven model to obtain premium content which they love, and which works efficiently for developers and brand advertisers.

Mihir Shah

CEO, Tapjoy

2 Comments on: “Setting the Record Straight.”
  • Aaron Isaksen says:

    To back up Mihir’s claim that Apple has featured games with Tapjoy, our game Chip Chain has Tapjoy Offerwall in it, and just launched on November 8th and are well featured in the App Store. We also did an update just yesterday, and it got approved. There is a lot of false information going around about Tapjoy, so its a good idea to talk with developers that are using it, as well as explore the App Store and see for yourself that there are definitely apps that use Tapjoy.

  • Tiffany Goss says:

    Dear Mr. Shah, I, too, have had some frustrating times with Tapjoy. In all fairness, I feel obligated to report that I have had at the very least-four times as much fun & successful moments using Tapjoy. This doesn’t seem to be the article or correct location to address such sentiments. In regards to your post: Well Done. You have defended partners missions, employee’s work ethics, not to mention style & the intelligence of we, your faithful consumers (some of us are merely grateful recipients) with a class of grace that the world just doesn’t get to see much of anymore. My fellow commentators show us that Tapjoy has areas that need working on. Doesn’t every site, every app, & heck everyone of us need constant vigilance, constant adjustments, & general upkeep to remain useful, to learn & grow? Mistakes are to be welcomed as lights showing us the way: what to fix, what to change, where to smooth… My mistake experience was quite the opposite from most. In Tapjoy, I was using TextMe2 as my only call/txt service. Needing minutes, I downloaded Hello Kitty, not knowing how to play & not a gamer in the least. I was just there for my eight minutes. Well, I got them. & 8 more & 8 more & even more! It wouldn’t stop even after having closed the app! Finally, I felt so bad that I contacted Tapjoy to just let someone know that Ive gotten more than 800, yes you read that correctly-800+ minutes that I didn’t think I’d rightfully earned. Also, I was a little freaked out lol because it just wouldn’t stop! No response from Tapjoy. Have enjoyed luxury of calling Mum without worry, for quite some time now. Thank You. Well done.