Sports Dominating Mobile Devices

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18th April 2014

Spring is one of the best times of year for the sports enthusiast. College basketball culminates in March Madness, the PGA kicks off the first of its major tournaments with the Masters, the MLB season gets underway, and both the NBA and NHL playoffs begin.

No matter what game you play or watch, sports always have a way of connecting people from all over the world, whether through the television, radio, computer, and, as of late, mobile devices.

Take a look at March Madness for example – this year, 24 games were available to watch on mobile devices, and there were multiple apps available for users to keep up with their brackets and stream content. From Fantasy Sports to multi-screen viewing and tracking, the modern sports experience is clearly no longer limited to going to events live or watching on television. Mobile phones and tablets play an increasingly crucial part in the life of a sports fan.

In honor of the perpetual usage of these devices and kicking off the great spring season, Tapjoy ran a survey across its global network of 450 million consumers to create a profile of the Mobile Sports Enthusiast and their habits in using their devices.

Some key takeaways include the following:

  • Over half of global consumers have some type of sports app on their mobile device
  • 42% use their device to post updates to social media while watching a sports game
  • 40% consume most of their sports news within mobile apps
  • Football is the top sport of interest to mobile consumers
  • Sports engagement on mobile is international – EMEA led the way with  30% of respondents in Europe saying they consumed sports on their mobile device, with the US slightly behind at 28%.

Clearly, the world of sports and the world of mobile have collided. Consumers continue to rely more on their devices to stay updated and connected with the teams and players they follow. Whether through apps, social media, or video views, it will be important to include mobile in app advertising to reach sports fans around the world.


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