Tapjoy Blog Series: nGEN Drives Performance

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15th July 2014

We launched the nGen platform in March to improve the effectiveness of rewarded advertising by not only reaching more consumers, but making sure each consumer is presented with the right ad at exactly the right time.  The platform is built on a unique Events framework that enables you to pick and choose which activities should trigger an ad, and it includes an integrated Messaging layer that lets you insert a custom note tying the ad back to the context of the user’s recent behavior. So far, the results have been impressive.

We recently added Direct Play videos to make it even easier for users to monetize. Depending on the Event placement, we are seeing eCPMS between $5 and $17, with an average of $10+ eCPMs behind the Watch To Earn button. For high-valued events such as “In-App-Purchase Cancel” and “Low On Currency,” publishers are generating $10+ eCPMs on both iOS and Android from various interstitial types. At specific events such as these, the user engagement is high and they easily convert through the rewarded model.

Our newest platform feature is Segmentation, which allows you to target users based on specific behaviors or device-level attributes. Several pre-configured attributes are available, such as whether or not the user has monetized through IAP, which OS version they’re on, which app version, and several others. We can even track Session Signals so you can gauge the overall activity levels of users while they’re in your app. This deep level of analytics allows you to make better decisions on how to engage users with the right content.


nGen also enables you to create your own segments to target for certain engagement campaigns or app experiences. For example, you could identify a segment made up of IAP users who have spent more than a certain amount in your app and who live in a certain region, then label this segment however you want and target them with a special offer or certain type of ad. Or you can use Segmentation in user retention to identify the most common indicators of high-risk drop off rates.


To take a closer look at the product, please review our quick demo video below. As always, we want to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line to let us know what other features you’d like to see included in nGen.

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