Tapjoy Opens Shanghai Office

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7th November 2012

Greetings from Shanghai! On October 26, we officially opened the Tapjoy Shanghai office. This was a great day for the Shanghai team and, of course, for Tapjoy. The market in Shanghai continues to grow, and having a strong team on the ground will greatly help Tapjoy in capitalizing on that growth. We are very excited to add to the strength of our fantastic Beijing team.

We celebrated the occasion by holding an opening ceremony/developer meetup at the Shanghai office, and representatives from over 15 local gaming companies attended. See the below pictures from our ceremony and also from a Team China offsite in a beautiful old lakeside town (Tong Li).

We are very excited to open our doors to the public! Many thanks to the global Tapjoy team for their help and support as we prepared the team and the office for this moment.

We look forward to building the Tapjoy team and presence here in Shanghai!

Aaron Choi, Head of Shanghai Operations, Tapjoy

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    Great growth!