Tapjoy Video Plus Install Attracts Highly-Engaged, High-Value App Users

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21st May 2014

Nothing shows off an app quite like a video trailer, which allows the viewer to actually see the app in action. That’s why videos have been shown to drive more interested, more engaged, and, most importantly, higher-value new users than most other channels. And now, recent analysis of installs driven through Tapjoy Video Plus Install has proven that our solution not only works, but is among the best in the industry.

Video Plus Install allows you to effectively showcase your app—whether the explosive battle scenes in a combat strategy game or the exclusive video content in a lifestyle application—in streaming and crystal-clear HD. Then, after the consumer watches your entire video (as Tapjoy’s rewarded ad model guarantees), they are given the option to download your app through the product’s branded, customizable end cards.

The result is network-wide average 1-Day, 3-Day and 7-Day retention rates for new users driven through our unique video advertising solution of 45.3%, 26.1% and 19.6%, respectively—numbers that consistently outperformed our partner’s averages, oftentimes by a huge margin. Although ranges vary from partner to partner, average 1-Day retention rates for paid users tend to fall between 20 and 30%, depending on the app category, the advertising source, and of course how finely tuned the app itself is. Three-Day retention tend to fall between 15 and 25%, while 7-Day rates were around 5 – 15%.

In other words, Tapjoy’s Video Plus Install’s retention rates were typically 30 – 40% higher than other paid advertising sources.

The chart below further breaks down the network-wide average retention rates for new users driven through Tapjoy Video Plus Install by platform. Comparing iOS to Android, retention rates on the former were consistently higher than on the later, which confirms anecdotal evidence suggesting that to be the case for most types of install sources across the board. 

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As important as retention is, it only tells part of the story. We also asked our partners about the overall lifetime value of the users they received through Video Plus Install, and there again, the product far exceeded industry norms.

One example is Spacetime Studios, which ran a 30-second video trailer on Tapjoy for its game, Battle Command! Over the course of their lifetime, new users acquired through Tapjoy Video Plus Install outperformed users from other leading networks by at least 25%. Forty-four percent of Tapjoy users made at least one in-app payment and 27% made at least two—numbers that were 132% and 238% higher, respectively, than even organic users. And at an effective Cost Per Install (CPI) of just $1.57 (based on ~80,000 completed video views at $0.02 each and over 1,000 free installs), those users were extremely ROI-positive.  More information on that case study can be found here and here

“We were very impressed with the results of Tapjoy’s Video Plus Install product,” said Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime Studios. “Not only were the users we acquired extremely ROI-positive, but Tapjoy also drove the highest revenue per install of any ad network we tried. We’ll definitely continue promoting our video trailers with Tapjoy.”

As the data shows, Tapjoy’s Video Plus Install solution not only helps app developers  acquire highly engaged users at a stronger and more cost-effective clip than the competition, but it brings in big spenders as well. 

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