Tapjoy’s App Promotion Package

Posted by , Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales
2nd September 2014

As a leading driver in millions of app downloads and ad engagements, Tapjoy has a wealth of experience in formulating efficient, scalable campaigns that meet our advertisers’ goals.

One of the most important goals our advertising partners have is to acquire high-quality users and maximize their lifetime value.

We often hear from our partners that they are looking for a solid strategy for a sustained acquisition campaign, and we work with them closely to create such a plan and help them achieve their goals.   Obviously, the most successful campaigns don’t just simply acquire those users —they deliver high-quality users with high lifetime value. That is Tapjoy’s sweet-spot.

After spending time evaluating how our products perform and utilizing a combination of CPI, CPE, Rich Media, and Video, we have created a unique, results-driven strategy devoted exclusively to app promotion and user engagement.  In order to hit that desired level of interaction and retention, we have created the Tapjoy App Promotion Package, which revolves around showcasing original, creative content to a relevant audience that welcomes the advertisers’ messages. By emphasizing a dynamic marketing mix, our formula differentiates itself from a single-pronged approach and effectively reaches consumers at each stage of the engagement process.

To ensure that any app receives maximum exposure with the desired audience, Tapjoy’s App Promotion Package focuses on three phases:

Phase 1 (User Acquisition): There is an initial install burst over 5-7 days, exercising aggressive bids to guarantee interest in your app. To be competitive, the Tapjoy Ad Sales team recommends the optimum burst pricing across iOS or Android devices.

Phase 2 (Sustained Consumer Base): For two weeks following your Burst campaign,  Tapjoy creates a consistent period of engagement, encouraging sustained app downloads at lower bid prices. The combination of a unique, customized Rich Media ad unit and HD-quality run-of-network Video units puts your app’s message front and center of engaged users and maximizes brand placements to build awareness and strengthen recall. The sustained pricing and steady engagements ensure that the advertiser doesn’t burn through too much budget too soon, while simultaneously elevating consumer engagement levels and minimizing app abandonment.

Phase 3 (Optimize & Engage): In the final push, Tapjoy leverages an engagement campaign to target high-quality users who want to install and interact with your app. A retargeting layer hones in on consumers who already downloaded your app and encourages them to re-engage, maximizing LTV.

When it comes to encouraging app installs and engagements, we are experts in the field and we know what works. With Tapjoy’s App Promotion Package, we have a formula that is tailored for any advertiser objective. It allows your app to stand out from the pack in a dynamic, comprehensive tactic. We help you get users, engage users, and keep users.

To find out more about the best solution for your app, please contact us at:  advertisers@tapjoy.com


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