The Mobile Gamer of 2014

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3rd March 2014

From Plants vs. Zombies to Candy Crush Saga to Flappy Bird, mobile games are  becoming more prolific across every demographic. In fact, since 2011, the number of mobile phone gamers has more than doubled from 55 to 122 million and is expected to hit 172 million by 2017.  This growth is being driven not only by the rise in new IP and social games, but also by the continued increase of mobile devices across the globe.

With this adoption happening at light speed,  it can be hard to pin-point who exactly these mobile gamers are. There is an assumption that they are a small group of younger, passive, less-affluent consumers. In reality, they encompass a much broader demographic.

Tapjoy ran a survey on our network of more than 450 million consumers to find out more about the modern mobile gamer and their habits and preferences. Some key findings included:

·   71% are over the age of 25, and over half have a household income of over $50k

·   Mobile devices continue to complement, not compete with TV, as almost half of consumers play games while the television is on

·   Although 65% of users do not consider themselves gamers, they are playing 3 hours a week for more than 20 minutes at a time

·   44% of those surveyed had Action/Adventure games on their phone, and 40% have strategy and simulation games on their phone.

Based on this data, there is a large demographic for gaming that skews toward an older, affluent, mobile savvy consumer, and there remains a huge opportunity to reach them.

In fact, Juniper Research recently said that in-app advertising is expected to reach $17 Billion by 2018, up dramatically from the $3.5 Billion spent last year, making it the fastest growing sector of the mobile advertising market.

As more consumers engage in gaming apps on their devices, Tapjoy is a key player in the mobile landscape in capturing their attention where they spend their time, and connecting them with the most relevant brands.  

Check out the infographic below for more insights from our survey.


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