This Week’s Launches, News and Deals from Tapjoy

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17th November 2012

We’re back with more exciting launches, news and deals from the Tapjoy network!

Don’t forget: to take advantage of any Tapjoy offer, you’ll need to be a registered user. Not registered? Sign up here!

What’s New

• Epic Mech Wars from Tiny Utopia

Congratulations to Tiny Utopia, GREE’s first-ever “Indie of the Month,” who will receive extra special support to launch their game on GREE Platform! Tiny Utopia’s first 2012 release, Epic Mech Wars, is a fast paced, head-to-head battle simulation game that allows players to customize their robots, defeat other players, and control the planet. Epic Mech Wars is scheduled for release this December, but check out the preview below and learn more at Congrats again!

• Save Our Village

It’s up to you, brave adventurer, to help rebuild a village ravaged by monsters! Hire extraordinary heroes and explore dungeons to fight monsters, rescue villagers and retrieve stolen treasure. Soon you’ll have a bustling village full of houses, taverns and castles at your disposal!

You can now earn virtual currency in Save Our Village by completing any Tapjoy offer. Download Save Our Village from the Apple App Store? today!

• Sushi Mushi

Sushi Mushi is a fun. Fast-paced, multiplayer game where you have one goal: feed your monster as much sushi as you can! Players must quickly match sushi bites by color or shape to create the sushi rolls their monster craves. The longer the sushi roll created, the more points and bonuses you’ll receive! Download Sushi Mushi from the Apple App Store? today!

Weekend Currency Deals

• Blowout sale from Ludia

Ludia is back with ANOTHER huge sale this weekend! This weekend only, enjoy 100% more virtual currency in the following iOS apps when completing any Tapjoy offer:

Jurassic Park™ Builder

The Price is Right™: Slots

Family Feud® & Friends

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?® & Friends

The Weakest Link & Friends

See you next week!

Raghu Nayani, Product Marketing Manager

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  • Bryan says:

    Please help when ever I go Into one of my apps it will load for a while and then says there was an issue fetching more offers . This is for all games ones I have never used before. Can someone help me maybe a account reset? Thanks

  • Chris says:

    The 300% more bucks doesn’t seem to be working on Jurassic Park Builder, when I complete an offer I just get the amount on the page and for some of them it says 1 buck, 300% would give me 3 for those. I’d like to see the 300% return on everything like promised.

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