Updates to Tapjoy Dashboard

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18th August 2014

Starting today, August 18 2014, you will notice a significant change when you log into the Tapjoy dashboard.  These updates are designed to simplify and improve your user experience, and are indicative of our vision to provide value for our advertisers and publisher partners. This blog post will walk you through some of the key changes we’ve made, and why.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we have oriented the dashboard around three main pages: Home, Advertise, and Monetize. This macro level change improves navigation, ad creation, and overall app-tech management.

Translated Dashboard

We’ve added fully-translated support in the following languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).   By translating the dashboard into the users’ native languages we will increase accessibility of our product, expand your reach and inventory, and generate demand across the globe. It also allows us to support a broader customer base of global advertisers and app developers.

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To access this new feature, simply go to Account Setting and switch the Dashboard into your preferred language.  This is another step towards expanding our global support, and we have more in store that we’ll be adding shortly.

Overall Style Revamp and Navigation

Those of you who frequent the dashboard may have noticed that we’ve already started making changes for a more modern and open dashboard. We’ve improved navigation to make campaign management a bit easier.  You can now quickly edit your campaigns or adjust your publisher settings from the “Advertise” and “Monetize” pages. The “Reporting”, “Billings”, and “Apps” pages are still there for your convenience, but we will gradually deprecate these pages over time. You’ll be able to find the information you normally get on these pages by going to the “Advertise”, “Monetize”, and new “Billings” (currently in R&D) pages.

New Create Ad Form

Another big enhancement to the dashboard is a new, streamlined way to create ads.  We’ve heard our partners say they want to be able to create ads more quickly and easily, so we’ve improved the ad creation process.  Going forward, the first step will be selecting the ad type, and once that’s done, the rest of the create ad form will automatically update and organize the fields based on the following frameworks: Promotions (for app campaigns), Placement, Creative Sizes, Targeting, Pricing and Budget, and Scheduling. We’ve also included field-level error support, which will help to guide you through the process.

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That is a brief overview of some of the newest additions and changes to our dashboard.  We are constantly making updates and enhancements, so as always, please use the feedback widget in order to provide any suggestions. You can also visit our Knowledge Center for more detail on managing your ad campaign or for monetizing your app.

If you are not already working with Tapjoy, and would like to get started, please contact us here.

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