Why Tapjoy’s Future Value Map is a Game Changer

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30th April 2015

At GDC 2015, we transformed Tapjoy by introducing our new Mobile Marketing Automation and Monetization platform, designed to help freemium mobile app developers get the most lifetime value out of every user in their app. The platform features a number of unique features that help developers not only understand and segment their users, but also, through the same dashboard, take actions to drive user retention and engagement for each segment.

One of the most innovative components offered in this new platform is our Future Value Map™, an innovative feature that leverages data science and proprietary algorithms to predict the future behaviors of your app users. Using advanced predictive analytics, the Future Value Map helps you determine which users will never spend, which users are likely to make an in-app purchase, and perhaps more importantly, when they might do so.  Any mobile app analytics service will tell you they give you a view to the revenue your app already made.  Only Tapjoy allows you to predict the future value of each user in your app and take action against each cohort.

Once you’re able to predict a user’s purchase behavior, you can determine whether an IAP promotion, advertisement or in-app message will drive the most revenue and engagement. The good news is that all of those marketing automation tools are right there in the same Tapjoy dashboard, making it easy for you to deliver targeted messages to the right user at the right moment in the app experience, all at scale.

The Future Value Map is an interactive, 16-box quadrant. The X-axis represents the users’ historical revenue, and the Y-axis provides an estimation of users’ future spend. By comparing these data points, developers can segment their users and gain valuable insights into each group.


The upper right quadrant (Figure 1 above) are the app’s “whales,” its biggest spenders to date.  The lower left (Figure 2 above) shows the users who haven’t yet and aren’t likely to ever spend anything in the app.  Now you can quickly see who has the most spending potential and who has the least. The power of the platform is that this information is directly connected to our marketing automation tools, so you’ll be able to customize your campaigns to each and every one of your user segments.

For example, you may want to serve the “whales” a message for an upcoming sale to drive them to complete a purchase.  And, now that you know which users will never spend, you can stop sending them IAP offers and instead monetize them with a rewarded advertisement. We even help you decide which actions to take by providing campaign suggestions.

Suggested Actions

With our Future Value Map, the future is literally in your hands. It’s a great tool to help you understand your users’ behaviors and take action based on what they’re predicted to do next.

To learn more about Tapjoy’s Mobile Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform, and how our Future Value Map can help you increase the lifetime value of every user in your app, please contact us at support@tapjoy.com.

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