Tapjoy Ad Units

Tapjoy offers an array of advertising units to help you get the most from your monetization and marketing efforts, including videos, re-targeting units, the Tapjoy Marketplace, and more.

The Tapjoy Marketplace presents a list of targeted advertisements that app users can choose to complete in exchange for virtual rewards and/or premium content. Users typically access the Tapjoy Marketplace by clicking on an “Earn Rewards/Gold/Gems” button within the app.

  • Unlock New Revenue Streams

    Monetize a larger percentage of your user base through this popular payment alternative.

  • Give Your Users Choice

    The Tapjoy Marketplace allows your users to choose among thousands of offers from leading brands.

  • Easy Integration

    Simply download and integrate our SDK into your Android, iOS and Windows app. It couldn’t be easier.
Acquire Quality Users That Re-engage 50 – 75% As Often as Organics

Tapjoy’s PPE solution provides a proven method for acquiring and retaining large volumes of high-quality users. Results have delivered as high as 75% the retention of an app’s other users, including organics.

Tapjoy’s PPE goes beyond simple user acquisition by having users engage with your app. This boosts app engagement and maximizes retention by ensuring users check out your app’s best features and content.

Find new users who are interested in downloading your app through Tapjoy
Encourage them to not only download your app but complete a further action
This further engagement will help retain users and minimize churn
  • Encourage users to complete any action within your app—and only pay once they do
  • Retain users more effectively than other acquisition channels by leading them to the sticky point of your app
  • Drive users deeper into your conversion funnel right from the start
  • Acquire quality users at scale

Watching videos might just be the easiest, fastest and most fun way for users to earn in-app virtual rewards. Video ads can be accessed through the Tapjoy Marketplace or embedded in other strategic areas of your Android, iOS and Windows app.

  • Hundreds of Videos

    Tapjoy Videos offers hundreds of clips from big brand advertisers for your users to choose from.

  • Direct-Play

    Boost revenue by allowing users to tap a button and instantly watch HD videos in exchange for virtual rewards.

  • Branded End Card

    Drive more non-incentivized actions through an improved design that invites users to act.

  • HTML5 In-App Player

    Tapjoy Videos is seamlessly integrated into your app so that videos can be watched without the user having to leave the app.

Tap into the growing mobile ad budgets from big brand advertisers with interactive rich media ads that are high-converting and return higher eCPMs.

Tapjoy Reconnect
Through our powerful technology, Tapjoy Reconnect enables you to minimize churn and maximize Life Time Value by identifying, motivating and re-engaging with users who have already installed your app.

  • Boost Re-engagement

    Connect with users who have previously downloaded your app with an offer to come back and continue using it.

  • Reach Users On Their Terms

    Reconnect with users through the Tapjoy Marketplace, where they seek relevant offers, instead of through alternate, and, arguably, more disruptive methods.

  • Link To Any Destination

    Send interested users to any location, whether within the app, your web site, a Facebook page, or some other destination.

Banner Ads

Tapjoy Banners can go anywhere in your app where you’d run other banner ads. Our banners have been shown to improve CTRs and eCPMs.

Featured Ads

This full-screen interstitial ad highlights a single ad and can be displayed while your app is loading, in between levels, or during other breaks in the action.

Even if your app doesn’t have virtual rewards or use virtual currency, you can still monetize users by helping them find and install other cool apps. The Non-Rewarded Tapjoy Marketplace offers the same great app discovery solution for consumers as the regular Tapjoy Marketplace, just without the virtual rewards. Yet you still get paid for every new app they install.

  • Earn $10 – $20 Average eCPM

    Generate incremental revenue by integrating our “More Apps” link into your app; earn $1 or more per install.

  • Flexible Integration Options

    Customize the colors and style to match your app’s look and feel for a seamless user experience.