01/11/2012Tapjoy and RingRevenue Partner to Deliver Innovative Call-Based Advertising Program

San Francisco, CA and Santa Barbara, CA – January 10, 2012 – For many advertisers, the ultimate lead is considered a highly-qualified phone call from an interested prospect. Once a well-trained call center agent takes the call, close rates are high and revenue is often imminent. The challenge for marketers is figuring out how to drive consumers to call and to ensure those that do call are motivated and likely to buy. This is where Tapjoy’s Mobile Value Exchange and RingRevenue’s call performance marketing platform come in.

Today, Tapjoy, Inc., a value exchange mobile ad network, and RingRevenue, Inc., the leader in call-based performance marketing solutions, announced a groundbreaking technology partnership that delivers advertisers more customers through highly-qualified inbound calls. The joint offering also offers consumers a way to earn virtual currency or access premium content when they make purchases from in-exchange advertisers or conduct qualified phone engagements with advertisers. The solution is already delivering calls and customers for several advertisers, including insurance giant Allstate, who are taking advantage of this new integration of affinity marketing and call-based performance marketing.

“Our partnership with RingRevenue allows us to deliver quality phone leads to advertisers and instantly credit mobile consumers for their actions through our Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange,” said Mihir Shah, President and CEO of Tapjoy. “Individual call-based offers are already delivering over 1,000 calls per day to advertisers like insurance companies, high-end retailers, financial services firms and others who value phone calls, and we are just getting started. With more than 280 million mobile users already engaging through our exchange, the reach is massive and the potential for advertisers is huge.”

For both advertisers and consumers, the entire process is seamless and uncomplicated. Through Tapjoy, mobile users can choose to take part in targeted marketing actions such as watching videos, installing applications, subscribing to services or otherwise engaging with ads in exchange for virtual currency or premium content in their favorite apps. If the user selects an advertiser who is participating in the call-based advertising option, the user is connected via their smartphone to the advertiser in order to complete the qualifying action, whether making a purchase, getting a quote for a service, or completing a customer survey. Once the action has been completed, the user gets immediate access to their reward currency or premium content.

“On the surface, this solution is very simple both for the advertiser and consumer, which is how it should be,” explained Colin Kelley, Chief Technical Officer for RingRevenue. “When the call is placed, we can apply any level of filtering the advertiser requires through our platform, whether it’s a rigorous qualification process, a simple survey or even directly connecting them to a call center agent. Once the required action is taken during the phone call, we notify Tapjoy that the action has been completed so they can credit the user immediately.”

“I have said that intent, self-selection and sponsorship represent the trifecta of long-term value between users and advertisers in the new mobile economy. This offering is a perfect fit for our notion of the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange because it leverages the fact that mobile phones are, after all, phones, and as such ideal devices for putting self-selected consumers who have demonstrated clear intent directly in touch with relevant advertisers,” concluded Shah.

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