07/05/2012Tapjoy Announces Partnership with Popcornflix

San Francisco, CA — July 5th, 2012 —Tapjoy, Inc. (www.tapjoy.com), a mobile advertising and publishing platform, today announced a partnership with Popcornflix, the feature film movie streaming platform owned and operated by Screen Media Ventures, LLC (www.popcornflix.com). Popcornflix GOLD will be the world’s first movie-streaming mobile application to utilize virtual rewards to develop and market the Popcornflix GOLD application for Android.

According to Juniper Research1 , strong growth for games and infotainment apps will push mobile entertainment revenues to more than $65 billion annually by 2016, up from $36 billion last year – an average annual increase of 16 percent over five years. Consumer usage trends also indicate huge growth potential for Tapjoy – sessions per DAU are significantly greater in non-gaming apps versus gaming apps.

“Tapjoy’s expanded footprint in the entertainment app space will further enhance consumers’ day-to-day experience as their mobile app options increase exponentially,” said Mihir Shah, Tapjoy CEO. “The expansion will also drive discovery and engagement for consumers and in turn, provide new, targeted opportunities for advertisers and developers. We’re excited to work with Screen Media Ventures to introduce Popcornflix to new audiences and extend their reach on a free-to-play platform.”

“We see the use of virtual rewards as a way to create ‘virtual value’ for our content in the increasingly competitive digital world,” said Gary Delfiner, senior vice president of Screen Media Ventures. “Mobile app developers have proven that the freemium model works, with many consumers exchanging virtual rewards for digital goods. This is the first application of its kind. We want to continue to keep Popcornflix on the cutting edge.”

The agreement marks the latest in a string of collaborations that expands Tapjoy’s market reach, as the company further establishes its presence beyond gaming where it already thrives and taps into the growing market of entertainment apps. Popcornflix GOLD will join a growing arsenal of high performing non-gaming apps on the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchangeâ„¢ model, including TextFree, Appzilla, AppDog and more.

Screen Media Ventures is one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of motion pictures worldwide and one of the leading distributors of movies for digital platforms. The integration of the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange model will allow Popcornflix users to earn virtual rewards — called “Popcornflix Points” — by engaging in interactive advertising. First arriving on the Android platform in early August, users will receive points when they download the app, and then they will be able to use “Popcornflix Points” they earn to view premium feature content.

1 Juniper Research: “Mobile Entertainment Strategies: Business Models & Forecasts 2012-2016″