07/26/2012Tapjoy Expands Presence in China Through Strategic Partnership with CocoaChina

Beijing — July 26, 2012 —Tapjoy, Inc. (www.tapjoy.com), a mobile advertising and publishing platform, today announced a strategic partnership with CocoaChina, a leading mobile game developer and publisher in China. CocoaChina will become the first reseller of Tapjoy services in China supporting developers in app promotion, distribution and monetization, and working to accelerate the growth of the free-to-play app market in China.

CocoaChina operates one of the largest independent developer networks on iOS in China and has launched a series of successful games that include some of the highest ranked apps in China and overseas. Fishing Joy, a game independently developed and operated by CocoaChina, continues to top the app charts in most countries — largely due to CocoaChina’s use of Tapjoy services to promote the app — and Magic Camp, another CocoaChina title, currently dominates Apple’s app store rankings in China.

“The Chinese mobile app market is growing exponentially,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of Tapjoy. In order to better understand the needs of developers in China and provide more comprehensive services, Tapjoy partnered with CocoaChina. “This partnership will allow us to better meet the demand from regional developers and further expand China’s free-to-play mobile app market.”

Through the partnership, Tapjoy will have access to CocoaChina’s community of over 150,000 registered developers. Tapjoy’s developer relations team will directly share information about the Tapjoy mobile value exchange platform with this network of independent developers and show them how they can expand their business to cost-effectively acquire high-value new users and monetize their apps.

This collaboration will also create a trusted channel for mobile app distribution and monetization for developers outside of China entering the Chinese market. With more high-quality foreign titles becoming available, the partnership will help elevate user experience and improve the overall quality of the free-to-play app market in China.

“CocoaChina’s partnership with Tapjoy combines local market expertise and the strength of an internationally renowned promotion model,” said Chen Haozhi, CEO of CocoaChina. “This collaboration will create a highly effective marketing and app distribution platform that will help numerous small- and mid-sized developers in China succeed.”

Tapjoy’s network currently includes more than 710 million mobile devices globally. This partnership will help increase Tapjoy’s network reach and provide significant value to the millions of mobile developers in the ever-growing global app market. It also represents an immense market opportunity to the estimated one million mobile developers in China.