07/25/2012Tapjoy Partners with CocoaChina and Gfan to Promote Android Applications in China

Tapjoy, Inc. (www.tapjoy.com) a mobile advertising and publishing platform, today announced a new strategic partnership with CocoaChina, a leading mobile game developer and publisher in China, and Gfan, the leading Chinese Android app store. This partnership provides developers with an even stronger platform to monetize and distribute their mobile apps, while also satisfying consumers’ desires for easy app discovery within the Chinese market.

Partners from Tapjoy, Gfan and CocoaChina will be able to participate in an “incentivized freemium zone” within the Gfan marketplace, which will provide high-quality, free-to-play Android applications to consumers. The unique area within Gfan will drive discovery for consumers while also providing new, targeted engagement opportunities for advertisers and developers. Tapjoy’s advertising platform will also allow developers in China to unlock revenue streams and monetize users through its mobile value exchange platform.

“This is a very important milestone for Tapjoy’s strategic growth in China,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of Tapjoy. “Through our partnerships with CocoaChina and Gfan, Tapjoy will be uniquely positioned to provide a stronger user experience while offering advertisers and developers access to Tapjoy’s extensive user network.”

This collaboration will help to promote growth of the Chinese Android community, benefiting both Android developers and consumers using Android devices. An additional benefit is that Tapjoy’s global mobile value exchange platform will allow for the cross promotion between Chinese and foreign applications, which enables developers to leverage the global market for optimal results.

“As a leading application store in China, we hope to provide our developers with solid, quantifiable benefits,” said Tan Yi, CEO of Gfan. “This trilateral partnership is very impactful to our business, as it demonstrates Gfan’s dedication to delivering the top app marketplace experience to our users through our collaboration with Tapjoy.”

“Our partnership with Tapjoy and Gfan will provide a much larger platform for developers to distribute and promote their apps throughout China,” said Chen Haozhi, CEO of CocoaChina. “In turn, Tapjoy’s incentivized advertising platform will allow consumers to access premium content within their favorite mobile apps while also improving user app discovery within the Gfan marketplace,” said Haozhi.