A better way to monetize your app and drive deeper engagement – an introduction to our new SDK 9.1

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12th July 2013

Our main focus here at Tapjoy is on sparking innovation that creates value for mobile app developers and publishers. To that end, we are proud to announce the launch of several new products, including a brand new rewarded rich media ad unit, that provides new monetization opportunities, deeper engagement with users, and improved user acquisition tools. All of these are enabled by Tapjoy SDK 9.1, a beta version of which can be downloaded here.

We briefly discussed Tapjoy SDK 9.1 at yesterday’s MobileBeat event, and we wanted to use this post to outline some of the key principles we looked at when designing this product suite. Some of our goals with SDK 9.1 are to:

  • Open up compelling new channels for advertisers that will help increase a publisher’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) while converting more non-paying users
  • Use improved video experiences to drive higher quality users
  • Create engaging ad experiences for users that keep them engaged with the app

We created SDK 9.1 to increase earning potential and deliver even more compelling experiences for users. Below are some highlights of SDK 9.1’s key features:


A key feature of the new product suite is Direct-Play, a customizable feature that allows publishers to insert a text or graphic button anywhere within the app and enable users to instantly and easily watch HD video ads with a single tap. It’s a great way to monetize a larger percentage of users because it enables them to quickly earn currency. Videos play seamlessly within our HTML5-based in-app player with little to no lag time, rewarding consumers upon completion of the video and providing significant revenue opportunities. Watching videos and earning rewards is now easier with Direct-Play, and we know users will love it and will stay engaged in the app. It is simple and effective, and we think it will have a big impact on average revenue per user (ARPU).

Customizable Secondary Actions

Another key benefit of SDK 9.1 is the ability to acquire extremely high quality users through the customizable secondary actions available on our newly redesigned video completion screen. After a user watches the trailer video promoting an application, advertisers can drive those users to install the app, visit a web site, follow social media channels, or complete any number of other secondary offers—all on either a rewarded or non-rewarded basis. Non-rewarded app installs can be a particularly effective method of driving high-value, highly qualified new users, since they’ll only install the app if they liked what they saw in the video and are genuinely interested in trying the app.

Rewarded Rich Media

Through the new product suite available in SDK 9.1, we are enabling advertisers and publishers to offer rewarded rich media ads within apps. Our Rich Media ad units deliver a fun, engaging and interactive ad experience for users, and one that is especially effective for monetization since users can be rewarded for their interaction with the ad. With Rich Media in an app, there is less friction for rewarded advertising. It also provides the opportunity to attract some of the big ad dollars starting to pour in from Fortune 500 advertisers, who prefer to offer a branded Rich Media experience. We are confident Rich Media ads will prove a very significant new earning opportunity, and a way to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

In addition to the new product suite highlights detailed above, we’ve added new opt-in Dynamic Mapping capabilities with the potential for premium earnings from advertisers looking to reach consumers based on location. We’ve also enabled native app downloads so that if a user wants to install a third-party application from the video completion screen, they can do so without having to leave the app.

These are just some of the new product functionalities now available, demonstrating ways that Tapjoy is continuing to innovate the world of mobile advertising and create additional value for developers and publishers.

All of these benefits are available through Tapjoy SDK 9.1 and can be integrated into any app in a matter of minutes.

Download the beta of the SDK today so you can immediately take advantage of our new ad products for more earning opportunity, better quality user acquisition and our best user experience yet.

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