Tapjoy Brings Its Interplay Ads to the LINE Messenger App

Posted by , 15th December 2016

In case there was any remaining question about it, rewarded ads have officially gone mainstream. While mobile games have traditionally been the largest publishers to integrate Tapjoy’s opt-in, rewarded ads into their apps, we recently announced a partnership with the uber popular messenger app LINE to bring our ads to […]

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Developer Profile: DoubleTap Software

Posted by , 23rd November 2016

Developer Profile: DoubleTap Software

When you’re a one-man shop already handling all the heavy lifting of developing a game — code, art, game design and marketing, at a minimum — thinking about adding an SDK to your game can feel like you’re the proverbial camel, watching the last straw approach.

So you […]

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Make Your Holiday Season Merrier With 20% Bonus Revenue

Posted by , 8th November 2016

As you know, the holiday season is the biggest ad spending time of the year. Our data scientists have been hard at work to develop a formula that enables you to maximize revenue from that influx of spend. We have seen up to a 200% lift in revenue for our […]

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Want To Earn Up To 2x This Weekend? Set Up A Currency Sale

Posted by , 26th October 2016

Q4 is the biggest ad spending quarter of the year. To capitalize on that influx of holiday spend from advertisers, we recommend participating in the Tapjoy Q4 Currency Sales. We’ve historically seen publishers earn up to a 200% lift in revenue by participating in a Currency Sale.

How It Works: All offers will reward […]

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The Most Common Monetization Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make

Posted by , 22nd September 2016

Most developers make a few common mistakes while learning to operate freemium games, from not measuring users properly to not capitalizing on obvious opportunities. At Tapjoy, we get that it’s difficult to hit all the targets at once — even savvy developers who clearly see mistakes may choose to let […]

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Introducing Ad Behavioral Targeting and Content A/B Testing

Posted by , 25th July 2016

App developers are constantly looking for new ways to leverage the data from their apps to deliver better, more targeted engagement and monetization campaigns. After all, the more targeted they can be, not only will they likely earn more money, but they can then deliver a more personalized and […]

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Tapjoy Drives 25% Lift In Engagement, 29% Reduction in Churn

Posted by , 10th June 2016

The Tapjoy platform—the only complete monetization platform—is known for increasing the revenue of freemium-based mobile apps. But what isn’t as well known is that Tapjoy can also help increase engagement, lengthen retention and reduce churn.

We recently conducted a study to find out just how much impact our platform has on […]

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Posted by , 6th May 2016

Everyone gets flowers…we decided to thank Mom a little differently! The Tapjoy Currency Sale is now live for Mother’s Day Weekend!  See who’s participating below.

Unless otherwise noted, these bonus offers are available at the following dates/times:

Begins: 12:00am PST Friday, May 6th
Ends: 11:59pm PST Sunday, May 8th

Don’t forget: to take advantage […]

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