Demographics and Behaviors of the Mobile Money Manager

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3rd April 2014

Tax Day is fast approaching, and as America prepares for the April 15th deadline, it is safe to say that money is on our minds — just as it is on our mobile devices. According to eMarketer, nearly 70% of banking executives plan to promote mobile banking solutions this year. It is a sign that mobile money management is quickly becoming a popular solution for instant access and on-the-go transactions that mesh well with our busy lifestyles.

To identify the profile of the mobile finance enthusiast, defined as a person who uses his or her mobile device for financial transactions, Tapjoy ran a survey on our network, that consists of over 450 million consumers.  Some of the key findings included:

  • The Tapjoy Mobile Money Manager skews male with a household income of $75K+

  • 56% of these consumers make purchases on their mobile device at least once a month

  • The top 3 finance-related activities on mobile are locating an ATM, banking (paying a bill, checking account balance, etc.), and making a transaction with a credit card.

As consumers search for the easiest ways to manage their finances during this taxing time, marketers should seize the opportunity to reach their audiences via mobile. By understanding who the Mobile Money Manager is, advertisers can craft relevant messages that will resonate with consumers and mitigate the impending stress of April 15th.


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