Video Volume Jumps During Holidays

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14th January 2014

The week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day proved to be a busy one at Tapjoy, with more than 17.3 million total advertising engagements completed across our network.

The largest piece of that pie came from the number of completed video views via Tapjoy’s Video Plus solution. A total of 7.9 million videos—nearly one million a day—were watched to completion on our network, underscoring the reach and potential of mobile video as a branding component in 2014.

The largest spikes came on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, with 1.8 million views in those two days alone.  Even more compelling, video bid prices dropped by more than half when compared to the same timeframe in 2012, demonstrating the massive increase in inventory and popularity in mobile video campaigns over the calendar year.

As we begin 2014, it will be important to exploit key time periods to maximize campaign effectiveness. With over 72 million smartphone users watching video on their devices monthly, mobile video will be an essential part of any brand awareness and brand recall campaign.

*Data was collected from all video campaigns in the US across more than 8,000 active apps in the Tapjoy network.

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