Introducing the nGEN Platform – Deliver the Right Engagement to the Right User at the Right Moment

Posted by , Tapjoy President and CEO
17th March 2014

Today is a big day for Tapjoy as we take the covers off the nGen Platform, our new advertising and monetization solution that changes the way ads are served to consumers in mobile apps.

The nGen Platform was developed in response to mobile app developers’ desire for a more effective way to monetize and engage their users. With nGen, we are rethinking the way ads are presented inside mobile apps. No longer do ads have to be annoying or intrusive. Now, they can offer real value to consumers by fostering deeper engagement within an app and delivering a better overall app experience.

With the nGen Platform, you can now serve the Right Engagement to the Right User at exactly the Right Moment. Let me explain what we mean by that…

Right Engagement: The nGen Platform utilizes the full suite of Tapjoy’s rewarded ad units, from Direct-Play videos and rich media ads to our newly designed Full Screen Interstitials and the industry-leading Tapjoy Marketplace, making these native engagements more available throughout the app. Through the launch of nGen, we are also adding a new engagement opportunity with an integrated messaging tool, where publishers can deliver their own tailored promotional messages to their users based on where the user is in the app experience.

Right User: nGen also leverages Tapjoy’s powerful targeting and optimization tools to deliver the right ad engagement to specific users based on an intelligent data layer gathered from the more than 450 million monthly active users across the Tapjoy platform. We are able to determine which segments of our audience should receive an ad or a message based on a variety of options, including whether they have completed an IAP or not, the amount of time they spend in the app, how many sessions they have participated in, or a variety of user profiles and personas.

Right Moment: One of the key components of the nGen Platform is our new events-based framework, which empowers our publishing partners to determine when they want to trigger an ad engagement or promotional message. These moments could come after a level fail, after an achievement, after the user has backed out of an IAP opportunity, or a variety of other key “events” in the app experience. These rewarded ads present a highly contextual and beneficial experience to the user by unlocking premium content just at the moment a user needs it – increasing consumer engagement and overall user retention as well as revenue.

New Dashboard
Another critical element we’re adding through this launch is a new dashboard so developers can control which ads get served and when. Developers can create, insert and edit user messages on the fly through the nGen dashboard.

Case Study: PBA Bowling Challenge

One of our beta partners for nGen was Concrete Software, who has been using the nGen Platform to deliver ads and messages to PBA Bowling Challenge players during key events. For example, if a player missed the cut for “League Night,” Concrete Software served up a message that encouraged users to improve their scores with a call to action to visit the Tapjoy Marketplace to earn free Pins. Or when a player started but abandoned an in-app purchase, Concrete Software served an ad that let them earn “Pins” for free by watching a video instead. These were just a few of the many ways that Concrete Software used the nGen Platform to deliver the right ad to the right user at the right moment.  Check out the full case study here.

The results have been outstanding. The nGen Platform has helped Concrete Software drive 3 times more users to engage with ads than before. This increase in engagement led to a significant increase in revenue – Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) increased 130%!

More revenue for app developers and better experiences for app consumers—that’s the true power of the nGen Platform. And that’s exactly what we’re focused on delivering.

For those of your who are interested in integrating nGen today download Tapjoy SDK 10.0.

I’d like that thank all of our trusted partners for your continued support, as well as the people at Tapjoy who made this important launch happen.

– Steve

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