Mobile Ad Revenue Jumps Nearly 50 Percent During Holidays; Android Users More Likely to Delay Purchases

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12th March 2013

There’s a belief that app usage and engagement spikes during holidays. We tracked each of those theories during Valentine’s Day, and found that there is major opportunity for developers and advertisers to outperform their standard metrics on these special days.

According to our data, the holidays represent a major revenue opportunity for developers, regardless of the day of the week or how well you’re performing leading into the holiday. The developers on our network that participated in our last three holiday currency sale programs saw their revenue increase by as much as 50%, compared to the previous 7-day average.

Seasonal-focused advertisements can expect an increase in activity as well. We tracked the results of a major retail brand that ran Valentine’s Day-focused advertisements on our network on iOS and Android. They saw increases in their click-through rate and conversion rate as Valentine’s Day approached.

When looking at conversion rate (the ratio of unique viewers that completed the engagement), Android users got off to an early start in flower shopping, saw a higher peak than iOS and maintained fairly close to its peak conversion rate level for nearly a week. Interestingly, both Android and iOS conversion rates fell after 2/10—hopefully because everyone had taken care of their Valentine by then!

The click-through rate for the ad (the ratio of how many unique viewers tapped on the ad) saw a higher peak on Android, though iOS spiked considerably in the first week of February.

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