Tapjoy Blog Series: A Peek Under the Hood of nGEN

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31st March 2014

With free-to-play taking over as the primary business model for mobile app developers, advertising has become one of the most important sources of monetization. But consumers find most types of ads annoying, interruptive or both, which makes it difficult to monetize effectively without damaging the user experience.

That’s one of the reasons we created the nGen Platform, an all-in-one solution for monetizing your app. nGen allows you to serve the “Right Engagement” to the “Right User” at the “Right Moment”—and in so doing actually add value to the user experience instead of detracting from it.

nGen’s intelligent, events-based framework offers the ability to serve a variety of rewarded ad types or custom messages to your users at contextually relevant moments within your app, such as when users run out of virtual currency or when they’ve just lost a game.

Assigning, updating and configuring which ads or messages to serve after which events can be done quickly, easily and on-the-fly through nGen’s self-serve dashboard, pictured below.

Developer Dashboard

As you can see, you can toggle your events On/Off so that you can optimize your monetization solution dynamically with just the click of a button. New events can also be instrumented quickly and easily, and you can track the performance of any message or ad served based on its earnings, impressions, conversions and other metrics with just a glance.

Another key benefit of nGen is that you can grow your revenue by targeting the “Right Users.” At launch, we’ve enabled you to segment your user base by those who have made In-App Purchases (IAPs) versus those who have not, so that you can serve ads to just those who have not monetized previously and therefore prevent cannibalizing the revenue from your IAP users. We will soon be adding other targeting features to allow you to segment users based on demographic targeting, behavioral targeting and more.

The nGen dashboard also makes it incredibly easy to insert custom messages into your app. These can be particularly effective when inserted after a specific event in order to tie an advertising offer to the context of the consumer’s recent behavior or activity. For example, if a user has just tried to purchase a virtual good or some kind of upgrade for which he/she does not have sufficient funds, you can serve a message that says something to the effect of, “Sorry, you don’t have enough Coins to purchase that product. To earn more Coins for free, try watching this video” (and then steer the user to Tapjoy’s Direct Play video solution or the Tapjoy Marketplace).

Messages don’t always have to relate directly to ads, however. They can also inform your users of important app updates such as new features or upcoming changes. Or they can be used to cross-promote your other titles, announce currency sales, or whatever else you want your users to know.

As you can see from the screen grab below, you can easily add or edit the text of the messages, and you can also customize the message’s color scheme to match your app’s look and feel:

Message Set up

Our key priority at Tapjoy is to drive value for our partners, and through the nGen Platform we are giving app developers more control over how they customize their monetization solutions. With this quick glimpse of our new dashboard UI, you can see for yourself how easy it is to trigger events and deliver contextually relevant ad engagements or customize messages to your users.

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