This Week’s Launches, News and Deals from Tapjoy

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28th June 2013

I hope you’ve got some space on your tablet or smartphone today; we’ve got some great new games to introduce you to. Z2‘s latest, MetalStorm: Aces, headlines the week with intense fighter jet dogfights, upgrades, and awesome visuals. And, as always, these games are free to download – so get on it!

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What’s New

MetalStorm: Aces by Z2

From Z2 comes the sequel to the critically acclaimed MetalStorm: Online. MetalStorm: Aces features a massive fleet of modern jets, cutting edge 3D graphics, exotic environments, and wickedly clever enemy Aces. Brace yourself for a bleeding-edge, intense jet-fighting experience like no other.

Download MetalStorm: Aces from the Apple App Store℠ 

Hidden Object: Mystery Estate by Kiwi, Inc.

You have just been recruited to stop the nefarious Order of the Dragon! They have returned from the shadows & are on a quest to steal the world’s most precious artifacts. Only the secret League can stop the Order by finding these hidden objects first. Join them on this grand adventure as you travel the world, find crucial evidence, and live lavishly. Discover a new hidden object adventure!

Download Hidden Object: Mystery Estate from Google Play™

Alone at War: The Last Stand by TastyPlay

Your friends and family were killed by enemy troops. Why? You have no idea. All you know is someone is going to pay for this. This time it’s personal!


Download Alone at War: The Last Stand from the Apple App Store℠

Weekend Currency Deals

Ludia Weekend Sale

Ludia is holding a virtual currency sale this weekend for the following apps. This will be a 50% Bonus to their offers that will be live from Friday, 28 June 2013 @ 12:00am Pacific and end on Sunday, 30 June 2013 @ 11:59pm Pacific..

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