Valentine’s Day Appstravaganza

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12th February 2014

The annual celebration of love, romance and all things flowery is soon upon us. At Tapjoy, we are not immune to Cupid’s arrow, and in that spirit we are bringing you a short list of must-have apps for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day App Guide

Step 1: Finding that special someone


For some, finding your soul mate is love at first sight.  But for the rest of us, it can be anything from blind dates to blind luck.  More and more people are using an online match making service, and in these modern times…well, there’s an app for that. If you are looking for romance I suggest checking out the Zoosk app (download for iOS/download for Android) which allows you to search through a large database of lonely hearts and helps you meet that special someone.

Fun Facts: Valentine’s Day wasn’t created by a greeting card company, but in fact traces its roots back to a pagan Roman holiday predating the 3rd century.   Click here to learn a bit more about the mystery that shrouds the history of St. Valentine.

Step 2: Starting off on the right foot


One of the classic, and most beautiful, romantic gestures is getting a bouquet of lovely flowers for your significant other.  From a simple expression of caring to a bountiful bouquet of red roses, the ProFlowers app  (download of iOS) can help you make a lasting impact for that someone special.   With a huge selection of high quality options, dependable service and myriad upgrades, such as vase, chocolate and teddy bear add-ons, ProFlowers is your one stop shop for starting off your Valentine’s Day the right way.

Fun Fact: In 2012 over 17 billion dollars will be spent on Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and flowers!

Step 3: Wooing that special someone


A master practitioner of the romantic arts always has a date prepared.  To take advantage of the best options out there, check out Groupon (download for iOS/download for Android), which is packed full of unique and special date ideas at great prices. Is your significant other sporty? How about a weekend at a ski resort? Are they a foodie? How about a flight of fancy oysters? A wine connoisseur?  How about a trip on the wine train in lovely Napa, California? If you’re stumped for date ideas for Valentine’s Day consult the many options on Groupon…and get inspired.

Step 4:  Planning a Romantic Getaway


If you’re thinking of taking a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of great travel apps out there.  One of my favorites is the Expedia app (download for iOS), where you can research and book your flight and hotel room straight from your phone or tablet.  Think of a stroll along the beach, a romantic dinner in a foreign city or a whirlwind trip to Vegas…everything you need is right there in the Expedia app.

Fun Fact: There are a few historical figures that may be the real St. Valentine but it’s widely believed that a Bishop from Interamna (now Terni, Italy) is the original St. Valentine. Italy is quite the romantic location for a Valentine’s Day holiday.

Step 5:  Settling in for the night.


Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than settling in next to the fireplace and enjoying a good movie.  Whether you like the romantic comedy or the epic love story, the Netflix app (download for iOS/download for Android) has what you need.  Use the Netflix app to pick your movie, adjust your queue and make sure you keep IMDB app up (download for iOS/download for Android) and ready during the flick, so you can impress your date with the acting history and backstory of your favorite actors.

Fun Fact: According to IMDB the most successful romantic movie in the US is Titanic which is no surprise but the second most successful is Forrest Gump!

That’s it for now!  And keep and eye out for our Valentine’s Day Currency Sale tomorrow!

Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

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