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Tapjoy’s intelligent platform helps you get more value from more of your mobile users.

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Advanced analytics help you easily identify various cohorts and compare their behaviors. Who’s spending and who’s not. Who’s coming and who’s going.


We show you precisely how to improve your app.

Only the Tapjoy mobile app marketing platform predicts the revenue you can make with each marketing automation it suggests.
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Tapjoy marketing automation gets the right messages out, more revenue in.

Our leading Marketing Automation Platform is built to deliver a robust new revenue stream. It’s free to use with your app when you monetize with us.

Deliver the right message to the right user at the right moment. Revenues rise.

We give your users a rewarding reason to stay engaged with your app. You reap the revenue from the increased mobile engagement from IAP and advertiser spending.

Churn happens

Now you can look forward and know when your app users will start to leave.

We help attract new users to keep your revenue flowing.

Tapjoy has the data insights, tools and experience to attract new users. We identify the most appealing user segments to target and recommend the best way to acquire them.

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Discover how the leading Marketing Automation Platform for mobile apps can optimize your app and create more lifetime value from every user.

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