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    7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications

    “Tapjoy, the mobile marketing company, has come up with seven surprising facts about the open rates for push notifications.

    Push notifications are a common way to get users to pay attention to an app. Marketers love push notifications because users can’t help but see them as they flash across the screen […]

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    Tapjoy: ‘Brand Advertising Is Coming’ To Mobile

    “When you want to find out what’s going on with mobile advertising, there’s no better place to get that information than with a company that deals with a wide variety of mobile advertisers on a daily basis. That describes Tapjoy perfectly. The company has an enormous network, as befits a […]

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    Ad Tech And Mar Tech Synergy: Implications For App Developers

    “For the last 20 years, advertising technology has fueled development of the free internet and mobile services on which we have all become hopelessly dependent.

    What began with basic banner ads on the first content “portals” has experienced incessant innovation and now encompasses dozens of discrete services from thousands of competitive […]

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October 2016

10/04/2016 7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications

September 2016

09/07/2016 Tapjoy: ‘Brand Advertising Is Coming’ To Mobile

August 2016

08/29/2016 Ad Tech And Mar Tech Synergy: Implications For App Developers

July 2016

07/28/2016 Tapjoy’s In-Game Ads Crush Mobile Industry Norms for Branding Metrics, comScore Finds

07/26/2016 Introducing Ad Behavioral Targeting and Content A/B Testing

June 2016

06/21/2016 Data Science Isn’t Just Business Intelligence: Here’s How to Cross the Gap.

06/01/2016 Tapjoy and ironSource Partner to Combine User Level Segmentation and Predictive Analytics With Mobile Ad Mediation

May 2016

05/03/2016 Tapjoy Selects Rubicon Project as Initial Launch Partner for the Tapjoy Private Exchange

February 2016

02/18/2016 Tapjoy Partners with Industry Leaders to Bring Sophisticated User Level Segmentation and Predictive Analytics to Mobile Ad Mediation

January 2016

01/12/2016 netTALK and Tapjoy Partner to Offer Free, Ad-sponsored International Phone Calls

December 2015

12/17/2015 Tapjoy Adds Personalized Currency Sales to its LTV Infrastructure for Freemium App Developers

September 2015

09/24/2015 Tapjoy Promotes Matthew Service to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

August 2015

08/06/2015 Tapjoy Delivers Its One-Billionth App Install

June 2015

06/02/2015 Tapjoy Launches Integrated Attribution Program for Mobile Tracking Partners

May 2015

05/28/2015 Tapjoy Announces Promotion of Sean Lindsay to Chief Technology Officer

March 2015


November 2014

11/14/2014 Tapjoy Wins 2014 ME Award for Best Advertising Platform

September 2014

09/08/2014 Tapjoy to Leverage Equinix for Hybrid Cloud Deployment

August 2014

08/06/2014 Tapjoy Acquires 5Rocks, A Leader in Analytics and Marketing Automation

July 2014

07/08/2014 Tapjoy Hires Industry Veteran Rob Dyer as Senior Vice President Developer Relations

June 2014

06/19/2014 Rewarded Advertising Boosts In-App Ad Sentiment and Brand Perceptions, New Study Finds

May 2014

05/22/2014 Tapjoy Wins San Francisco Business Times Tech and Innovation Award for Best Advertising Technology

April 2014

04/29/2014 comScore Results Prove Tapjoy Rich Media Delivered Superior Brand Metrics and Performance for ampm, RadioShack and Samsung

March 2014

03/18/2014 Tapjoy Launches the nGen Platform to Help App Publishers Monetize More Effectively by Delivering the Right Ad to the Right User at the Right Moment

January 2014

01/28/2014 Tapjoy Named Highest-Rated Mobile Ad Network in VentureBeat’s 2014 Mobile Advertising Index

01/09/2014 Leading Fitness App Alpha Trainer Teams with Tapjoy to Offer Advertising Sponsored Customized Workout Programs

November 2013

11/15/2013 Tapjoy Wins 2013 ME Award for Best Games Monetization Service

October 2013

10/24/2013 Tapjoy Launches Tapjoy Marquee Video™ Offering Premium Placement and Greater Visibility for Video Ads on the Tapjoy Marketplace

September 2013

09/18/2013 Tapjoy Launches Tapjoy Rich Media and Tapjoy Video Plus to Bring Greater Engagement and Consumer Response to Mobile Advertising

09/18/2013 Tapjoy Partners with Celtra for Creation of Mobile Rich Media Ad Products

09/16/2013 Tapjoy Wins Prestigious 2013 iResearch Marketing Award

August 2013

08/29/2013 Zuuka Teams with Tapjoy® to Help Parents Earn Storybooks for Their Families

July 2013

07/25/2013 Tapjoy Appoints Yusuke Kanda as General Manager of Japan

07/21/2013 Tapjoy® Chief Marketing Officer Peter Dille Joins IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Board of Directors

07/11/2013 Archie Comics Teams with Tapjoy to Become First Comic Book Publisher to Offer Advertising Sponsored Digital Comics

07/09/2013 Tapjoy Adds Matthew Service as Chief Financial Officer

May 2013

05/21/2013 Mobile Users Prefer Ad Engagements Over Paying To Receive Premium Content, New Study Finds

05/15/2013 Tapjoy® Partners With Kakao to Offer Its Advertising Platform In Kakao Games

April 2013

04/15/2013 Tapjoy® and Screen Media Ventures Unveil PopcornflixGOLD™, First-Ever Free-To-Use Content App

04/03/2013 Tapjoy® Increases Presence in Non-Gaming Categories, Adding Industry-Leading Apps in Cooking, Education and Utilities

March 2013

03/21/2013 Tapjoy® Commits Dedicated Resources and Funds To Budding Australian Developer

03/20/2013 Tapjoy® Hires Industry and E-commerce Veteran Jeff Drobick as Chief Product Officer

February 2013

02/22/2013 The Board of Directors of Tapjoy® Elects Warren Jenson as Director

December 2012

12/12/2012 Choice and Rewards Key to Engagement in Mobile Ads, Finds New Study

12/06/2012 Tapjoy Crosses 1 Billion Mobile Device Milestone

November 2012

11/27/2012 Tapjoy® Announces Steve Wadsworth, former Disney Interactive Media Group President, as new President & CEO

11/16/2012 Tapjoy Launches Kontagent Partner Edition to Deliver Valuable App Data to Developers and Advertisers in Near Real-Time

11/01/2012 Tapjoy Introduces User Retention Solution For Developers

September 2012

09/20/2012 Tapjoy® Wins 2012 Mobi Award for Best Mobile Ad Network

09/06/2012 Tapjoy Appoints Patrick Seybold as Vice President of Global Communications and Marketing Partnerships

August 2012

08/01/2012 Tapjoy and SK Planet Announce Strategic Global Partnership

July 2012

07/30/2012 Tapjoy Secures Viximo Mobile and Social Development Team to Create Boston Studio

07/26/2012 Tapjoy Expands Presence in China Through Strategic Partnership with CocoaChina

07/25/2012 Tapjoy Partners with CocoaChina and Gfan to Promote Android Applications in China

07/19/2012 Tapjoy Appoints Claire Hough as Senior Vice President of Engineering

07/11/2012 Tapjoy and Kontagent Form Strategic Partnership, Benefitting Entire Mobile App Industry

07/05/2012 Tapjoy Announces Partnership with Popcornflix

May 2012

05/10/2012 Tapjoy Launches $5 Million Fund to Support the Innovation and Growth of Free-to-Play Apps for Android and iOS in Asia

March 2012

03/06/2012 Tapjoy Surpasses Half A Billion Mobile Devices

03/06/2012 Reveals Updates and Announces More than 4 Million Users

February 2012

02/16/2012 Tapjoy Named To The Fast Company Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List

02/01/2012 We’re Not in Beta Anymore: The Tapjoy Mobile Advertising Platform is Now Open

January 2012

01/26/2012 The Tapjoy Android Fund Surpasses 130 Titles Worldwide

01/11/2012 Tapjoy and RingRevenue Partner to Deliver Innovative Call-Based Advertising Program

December 2011

12/09/2011 Tapjoy Expands Board of Directors